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The OCT2HEX function converts a signed octal number to a signed hexadecimal number. It is commonly used in engineering calculations involving conversions between number systems.


Use the OCT2HEX formula with the syntax shown below, it has 1 required parameter and 1 optional parameter:

=OCT2HEX(signed_octal_number, [significant_digits])
  1. signed_octal_number (required):
    The signed octal number to convert to hexadecimal. The number must be between -4000000000 and 3777777777.
  2. significant_digits (optional):
    The number of significant digits to include in the resulting hexadecimal number. If omitted, the function uses the minimum number of digits necessary to represent the number.


Here are a few example use cases that explain how to use the OCT2HEX formula in Google Sheets.

Converting octal numbers to hexadecimal

The OCT2HEX function can be used to quickly convert octal numbers to hexadecimal numbers when working with engineering data.

Maintaining precision when converting number systems

The optional significant_digits parameter of the OCT2HEX function allows you to control the precision of the resulting hexadecimal number, ensuring that important data is not lost during conversion.

Common Mistakes

OCT2HEX not working? Here are some common mistakes people make when using the OCT2HEX Google Sheets Formula:

Incorrect Number of Arguments

This error occurs when the formula is used with an incorrect number of arguments, either too few or too many. Ensure that the formula is used with the correct number of arguments.

Invalid Number Format

This error occurs when the number provided as an argument is not a valid octal number. Ensure that the number provided is in the correct format.

Incorrect Argument Data Type

This error occurs when the argument provided is not a numeric value. Ensure that only numeric values are used as arguments.

Incorrect Significant Digits Value

This error occurs when the significant digits value provided is less than zero. Ensure that the significant digits value is greater than or equal to zero.

Incompatible Function Argument Types

This error occurs when the formula is used with an argument that is not compatible with the function. Ensure that the arguments provided are compatible with the function.

The following functions are similar to OCT2HEX or are often used with it in a formula:


    The DEC2HEX formula is an engineering formula in Google Sheets that converts a decimal number to its hexadecimal equivalent. It is commonly used to convert numbers to a format that is easier to read and work with in certain applications.


    The HEX2OCT function converts a signed hexadecimal number to signed octal notation. This is commonly used in engineering calculations that require conversion of hexadecimal numbers to octal. The function takes a signed hexadecimal number as input and returns a signed octal number as output.


    The BIN2HEX function converts a signed binary number to hexadecimal format. This function is commonly used in engineering and scientific fields where binary numbers are used to represent data. The output of this function is a text string in hexadecimal format.

Learn More

You can learn more about the OCT2HEX Google Sheets function on Google Support.