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The BIN2HEX function converts a signed binary number to hexadecimal format. This function is commonly used in engineering and scientific fields where binary numbers are used to represent data. The output of this function is a text string in hexadecimal format.


Use the BIN2HEX formula with the syntax shown below, it has 1 required parameter and 1 optional parameter:

=BIN2HEX(signed_binary_number, [significant_digits])
  1. signed_binary_number (required):
    The signed_binary_number is the binary number you want to convert to hexadecimal. The number can be up to 10 characters long, and can contain both numbers and letters.
  2. significant_digits (optional):
    The significant_digits is the number of characters you want the resulting hexadecimal number to have. If this parameter is omitted, the function uses the minimum number of characters necessary to represent the number.


Here are a few example use cases that explain how to use the BIN2HEX formula in Google Sheets.

Converting binary data to hexadecimal

If you have a set of binary data that you need to convert to hexadecimal format, you can use the BIN2HEX function to do this quickly and easily.

Converting signed binary numbers

The BIN2HEX function can handle signed binary numbers, which can be useful when working with data that includes both positive and negative values.

Creating custom number formats

By using the BIN2HEX function in combination with other functions, you can create custom number formats that display data in the format you need.

Common Mistakes

BIN2HEX not working? Here are some common mistakes people make when using the BIN2HEX Google Sheets Formula:

Missing or incorrect signed_binary_number argument

One of the most common mistakes is forgetting to include the binary number or including an incorrect one. Make sure the binary number is in signed two's complement format, meaning the leftmost bit represents the sign and the rest represent the magnitude.

Missing significant_digits argument

If you don't include the optional significant_digits argument, the function will return the full hexadecimal number. Be sure to include the desired number of significant digits in the formula.

Incorrect formatting for binary number

The BIN2HEX function only works with binary numbers in signed two's complement format. Make sure the binary number is formatted correctly before using the function.

Incorrect formatting for significant_digits

The significant_digits argument should be a positive integer. If it is not included or formatted incorrectly, the formula may return unexpected results.

The following functions are similar to BIN2HEX or are often used with it in a formula:


    The HEX2DEC function converts a signed hexadecimal number to its decimal equivalent. This function is commonly used in engineering calculations where hexadecimal numbers are used to represent signed values.


    The DEC2HEX formula is an engineering formula in Google Sheets that converts a decimal number to its hexadecimal equivalent. It is commonly used to convert numbers to a format that is easier to read and work with in certain applications.

Learn More

You can learn more about the BIN2HEX Google Sheets function on Google Support.