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🥳 7 Days of Check Sheet Premium for FREE!

Free Trial of Check Sheet Premium

Good news!, all new users of Check Sheet will automatically receive a 7 day free trial of our Check Sheet Premium features. Here at Check Sheet HQ we’re really proud of the new features we’ve added to Premium so wanted to give all of our users the chance to give them a try for free and see just how powerful Check Sheet can be for providing Google Sheets notifications for Email, Slack, Microsoft Teams and Discord.

Unlike some ‘free’ trials, we won’t be asking for any credit card details up front, and there’s no need to remember to cancel. After your 7 day trial, your account will automatically switch back to the free plan and you can continue to use Check Sheet for free, or alternatively upgrade to one of our paid plans to maintain access to paid features. The trial will provide access to all of the Check Sheet Premium features, but note that the Check and notification limits will remain as per the free plan.

And don’t worry, any checks you set up during the trial will still be there once your trial ends, however any notification customisations such as including cell values in the notification, or customisation of notification text will be reverted to the free versions. One exception is that checks created that utilise the dynamic notification targets feature will be paused giving you the choice of modifying these checks to static recipients, or upgrade to Check Sheet Premium.

We haven’t forgotten our loyal free users, anyone who hasn’t already had a trial of Check Sheet Premium will also be included in this free trial, with your 7 days starting from the next time you open the App in the Google Sheets sidebar in any of your Sheets.

More details on the features available in Check Sheet Premium can be found here, along with our pricing information.

If you don’t already have Check Sheet installed you can install it for free from the Google Workspace Marketplace to try out the highest rated Google Sheets Notifications tool!