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Screenshot showing a Google Sheet with a Check that sends a notification when a task is completed


  • ✅ Checks

    Create multiple checks per spreadsheet that constantly monitor if a condition is met.

  • 🔔 Notifications

    Send notifications to multiple users when a condition is met via Email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord or Google Chat.

  • 📝 Customisation

    Customise the content and formatting of your notifications using data from your spreadsheet.

Supported Services

  • Email

    Send notifications from Google Sheets to multiple email addresses.

  • Slack

    Send notifications from Google Sheets to Slack channels.

  • Microsoft Teams

    Send notifications from Google Sheets to Microsoft Teams channels.

  • Discord

    Send notifications from Google Sheets to Discord channels.

  • Google Chat

    Send notifications from Google Sheets to Google Chat spaces.

Use Cases

  • 💌 Task Management

    Post in a Slack channel when a task is completed.

  • 📬 Form Submissions

    Update a Microsoft Teams channel when a form submission is received.

  • 📈 Price Monitoring

    Email yourself when a stock reaches a certain price.

  • ⏱️ Reminders

    Email a client to remind them their payment is due today.

  • 🚨 Stock Alerting

    Send an alert to Google Chat when stock levels are running low.

  • 🥳 Targets

    Post a message in Discord when a sales target is hit.

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