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Returns the real coefficient of a complex number in x+yi or x+yj text format.


Use the IMREAL formula with the syntax shown below, it has 1 required parameter:

  1. complex_number (required):
    The complex number to extract the real coefficient from. Must be in x+yi or x+yj text format.


Here are a few example use cases that explain how to use the IMREAL formula in Google Sheets.

Extract real coefficient from complex number

Use IMREAL to extract the real coefficient from a complex number in x+yi or x+yj text format.

Calculate distance in 2D space

Use IMREAL to extract the x-coordinate from a complex number representing a point in 2D space. You can then use this value to calculate distances between points.

Calculate real component of AC voltage

Use IMREAL to calculate the real component of an AC voltage in a circuit. The complex number represents the voltage with both the real and imaginary components.

Common Mistakes

IMREAL not working? Here are some common mistakes people make when using the IMREAL Google Sheets Formula:

Providing a non-complex argument

One common mistake when using the IMREAL function is to provide a non-complex argument. This will result in a #VALUE! error. Make sure to provide a valid complex number as the argument.

Not using parentheses around complex number argument

When providing a complex number as an argument to the IMREAL function, it is important to enclose the number in parentheses. Failing to do so will result in a #NAME? error.

The following functions are similar to IMREAL or are often used with it in a formula:


    The IMAGINARY function in Google Sheets returns the imaginary coefficient of a given complex number. The imaginary coefficient is the part of the complex number that is multiplied by the imaginary unit. This function is often used in engineering and scientific applications that involve complex numbers.


    The COMPLEX function returns a complex number based on real and imaginary coefficients. It is commonly used in engineering calculations and signal processing.

Learn More

You can learn more about the IMREAL Google Sheets function on Google Support.