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🏆 5 of the Best Google Sheets Add-ons for 2023

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Google Sheets is a powerful tool for managing and analysing data, but did you know that you can enhance its capabilities even further with add-ons? Add-ons are third-party apps that can be easily integrated into Google Sheets to add new and exciting features that are not a part of the standard Google Sheets application. Add-ons can be used for a range of functions including to automate tasks, create custom reports, and streamline your workflow. In this blog post we’ll explore some of our favourite add-ons for Google Sheets. For personal, educational, or business use these add-ons are sure to take your Sheets game to the next level.

  1. Yet Another Mail Merge: Mail Merge for Gmail
  2. Check Sheet: Notifications for Google Sheets
  3. Folgo: Bulk actions in Google Drive
  4. Signeasy: eSignatures for Google Workspace
  5. Flubaroo: Grading made Easy

Yet Another Mail Merge: Mail Merge for Gmail

There are a number of mail merge apps for Google Sheets, and most work in a very similar way. But ‘Yet Another Mail Merge’ (or YAMM) is the largest with over 10 million installs. If you’re not using a mailing list manager with this feature, YAMM is essential for upping the professionalism of your mailing list emails. YAMM lets you personalise each email with fields such as the customer’s name, and then sends the emails direct from your Gmail account.

YAMM also includes some analytics about your emails, showing how many recipients have received, opened, responded to, or unsubscribed from an email. This can provide valuable information for your business to see the level of engagement your output receives.

Check Sheet: Notifications for Google Sheets

We may be biased, but here at Check Sheet HQ we are big fans of our own app and use it daily for business and personal use. Check Sheet allows you to set up automated notifications based on rules within your Google Sheets. Want the warehouse team to receive an email when the sales team have added a new order to a sheet? Want to be notified on a slack channel when your finance sheets show you’re close to your sales targets or spend budgets? Need to find out instantly via Microsoft Teams when employees add overtime hours to a timesheet saved in Google Sheets? Check Sheet can help with all of these use cases and more!

Check Sheet is quick and easy to set up and offers a free version that meets the requirements of the majority of users alongside our paid subscription plans that include extra features, such as increased numbers of checks, increased notification limits, and the ability to personalise your notifications. Install Check Sheet today to see how easy it is to get started with notifications for Google Sheets.

Folgo: Bulk Actions in Google Drive

Whilst not specifically an app for use within Google Sheets, Folgo for Google Drive can help if you have a large number of Sheets saved in your Google Drive. Folgo facilitates file management for folders of 400,000+ files, including bulk file moves and copying. You can also transfer ownership of Sheets and other Google Workspace files to other users.

Folgo for Google Drive can create detailed Sheets reports for the contents of a folder partition. This can list metadata including titles, IDs, URLs, types, locations and paths. It can also help you tracking changes to documents by viewing the file owners, editors, commenters, viewers, last modifying dates, and last update dates. Folgo provides an initial free trial, with pricing then starting from $9.99 per month.

Signeasy: eSignatures for Google Workspace

Signeasy is actually a suite of apps and software to handle all eSignature needs. The Google Sheets app allows you to request and receive eSignatures from within a Google Sheet. For example Folgo can help with requesting sign off on invoices, or formalising stakeholder buy-in for a proposal. Signatures collected by Signeasy are considered legally-valid and secure.

Signeasy provides apps for all Google Workspace software, as well as other integrations such as Salesforce and Zapier. After a 14 day free trial, Signeasy subscription plans start from $15.00 per month.

Flubaroo: Grading Made Easy

This next Goggle Workspace app for Google Sheets is a must for teachers who work with Google Workspace apps in the classroom. Flubaroo automatically grades quizzes set using Google Forms when the form submissions are collated in a sheet. You can set which fields are questions (as opposed to info like student name), the correct answers for each question, and even vary the points awarded for each question.

Flubaroo can then take the data from the sheet and respond to students instantly by email with their grade or allow the teacher to provide individual feedback to each student. It also includes teacher tools such as statistics for average scores for each question, the distribution of student scores across the quiz, and can highlight any particularly high- or low-scoring questions. And the best part is, Flubaroo is completely free!