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The EQ formula is a comparison operator that returns TRUE if the two provided values are equal and FALSE otherwise. This formula is commonly used in conditional statements and logical expressions.


Use the EQ formula with the syntax shown below, it has 2 required parameters:

=EQ(value1, value2)
  1. value1 (required):
    The first value to be compared.
  2. value2 (required):
    The second value to be compared.


Here are a few example use cases that explain how to use the EQ formula in Google Sheets.

Comparing two values

The EQ formula can be used to compare two values and check if they are equal. For example, you can use this formula to compare the results of two different calculations.

Conditional formatting

The EQ formula can be used in conjunction with conditional formatting to highlight cells that contain specific values. For example, you can highlight all cells that contain a certain word or phrase.

Filtering data

The EQ formula can be used to filter data based on specific criteria. For example, you can use this formula to filter a list of products to only show those that are in stock.

Common Mistakes

EQ not working? Here are some common mistakes people make when using the EQ Google Sheets Formula:

Incorrect syntax

One of the most common mistakes when using the EQ formula is using incorrect syntax. Make sure that you enter the formula with the correct syntax as indicated in the formula description.

Values are not equal

Another mistake is assuming that two values are equal when they are not. Make sure to check the values that you are comparing.

Wrong cell references

Make sure that you are referencing the correct cells when using the EQ formula. Incorrect cell references can lead to incorrect results.

The following functions are similar to EQ or are often used with it in a formula:

  • IF

    The IF formula is a logical function used to test a condition and return one value if the condition is true and another value if the condition is false. It is commonly used to create conditional statements and perform calculations based on certain conditions.

  • AND

    The AND function in Google Sheets is a logical function that returns TRUE if all of the logical expressions in the argument are TRUE, and FALSE if any of the logical expressions are FALSE. It can be used to test multiple conditions and evaluate whether they are all true or not.

  • OR

    The OR formula is a logical formula that returns TRUE if at least one of the provided logical expressions is TRUE. It returns FALSE if all logical expressions are FALSE. This formula is commonly used in conjunction with other logical formulas, such as AND, to build more complex logical statements.

  • NOT

    The NOT formula in Google Sheets is a logical function that negates a given logical expression. If the logical expression evaluates to TRUE, the formula returns FALSE, and vice versa. This function is commonly used to reverse the result of a logical test, or to check if a value is not equal to a specific criteria.

Learn More

You can learn more about the EQ Google Sheets function on Google Support.