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The TO_TEXT formula is used to convert a value to a text format. It takes in a value and returns the text representation of that value.


Use the TO_TEXT formula with the syntax shown below, it has 1 required parameter:

  1. value (required):
    The value to be converted to text. This can be a cell reference, a formula, or a raw value.


Here are a few example use cases that explain how to use the TO_TEXT formula in Google Sheets.

Convert numbers to text

If you have a column of numbers that you need to convert to text, you can use the TO_TEXT formula to do so. This is useful if you need to concatenate the numbers with other text values.

Convert dates to text

The TO_TEXT formula can also be used to convert dates to text. This is useful if you need to format the date in a specific way or if you need to concatenate the date with other text values.

Convert boolean values to text

Boolean values (true/false) can also be converted to text using the TO_TEXT formula. This is useful if you need to display the boolean value as text in a report or summary.

Common Mistakes

TO_TEXT not working? Here are some common mistakes people make when using the TO_TEXT Google Sheets Formula:

Using non-text values

If the value provided is not already text, the TO_TEXT formula will convert it to text. If you provide a value that cannot be converted to text, such as a date or a blank cell, the formula will return an error. Make sure to only use TO_TEXT on values that can be converted to text.

Not including a value

The TO_TEXT formula requires a value to be provided as an argument. If you forget to include a value, the formula will return an error. Double-check that you have included a value in the correct format.

Using too many arguments

The TO_TEXT formula only requires one argument, the value you want to convert to text. If you include additional arguments, the formula will return an error. Make sure to only include one value as the argument.

Using the wrong data type

The TO_TEXT formula is designed to convert values to text. If you try to use it on a text value, it will return the same text value. Make sure to only use TO_TEXT on values that are not already text.

Using non-English characters

If you use non-English characters in the value you want to convert to text, the TO_TEXT formula might not be able to convert it properly. Make sure to only use English characters when using the TO_TEXT formula.

The following functions are similar to TO_TEXT or are often used with it in a formula:

  • TEXT

    The TEXT formula is used to format a number into text using a specified format. The format can include special characters such as currency symbols, decimal points, and thousands separators. This formula is useful when you need to display numbers as text in a specific format.


    The VALUE formula in Google Sheets converts a text representation of a number to an actual number. This formula is most commonly used when you have imported data from another source that is formatted as text, but you need to use it in a numerical calculation.


    The CONCATENATE function in Google Sheets is used to combine text strings from different cells or inputted directly in the formula. It takes one or more text strings as input and returns a single concatenated string. This function is commonly used to combine first and last names, or to merge data from multiple cells into a single cell.

Learn More

You can learn more about the TO_TEXT Google Sheets function on Google Support.